Hybrid Pilots

Faculty fellows from across disciplines are working with students and partners to transform their ideas into new forms of hybrid and online learning on campus and beyond.

Serving up Science

A project to develop a new Summer Session course that will encourage students to apply scientific processes and experimental chemistry to the study of food.

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Hybrid Learning Disposition Curriculum

An exploration of online and hybrid opportunities to make a learning disposition curriculum available to educators and partners.

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Upper Level Analytic Geometry

This project is focused on developing a hybrid Summer Session course that will help students discover new connections to the natural world through advanced geometry.

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Physics Modules: Introduction to Projectile Motion

Learn the secrets of flight, overcome your fear of falling, imagine what it’s like to be shot out of a cannon! 

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Sustainability Reading Group

This group will lead a year-long inquiry into the current state of climate change.

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Founding Projects

Many Tang projects have inspired and shaped Hybrid@Andover:  Reimagining Chemistry, Khan Academy, and many more.

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